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Friday, October 27, 2017
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The groundhog, also called woodchuck, is a member of the Sciuridae (squirrel) family and is the largest Sciurid in its range. The woodchuck occurs in eastern North America south to northeastern Mississippi, central Alabama, north Georgia and northwestern South Carolina.

They are found throughout western North Carolina and into the northeastern part of the state. Borders include eastern Oklahoma and eastern North Dakota to the west and north across southern Canada into east-central Alaska.

The groundhog is a large stocky rodent with a brown flattened head, a blunt nose and a relatively short tail. It has short grizzled fur that appears as varying shades of brown or gray. The under-fur of the groundhog is blackish brown at the base and tipped with a grayish color. The exterior guard hairs are tipped broadly with a buff white giving the groundhog a frosted appearance. The lips, chin and sides of the face are also buff white, and the legs, feet and tail are usually brown or nearly black. The woodchuck usually weighs anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds, measuring 22-27 inches on average.


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